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He was also a childhood friend of Hisham ibn Yusuf, a companion of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, and he was "adopted" by Abu Bakr, then the second Caliph. Through his efforts, the Islamic empire flourished. He was responsible for economic and judicial reforms, as well as providing land for new mosques and towns and resettlement of refugees. His was the largest and most powerful of all the Islamic empires, and it was his generals who conquered the Byzantine Empire and sacked its capital city, Constantinople (modern Istanbul). His realm extended from the Eastern borders of China to central Spain. From an early age, he had been an admirer of the Prophet Muhammad, and he became his teacher in the Qur'an, becoming a renowned teacher and scholar of Islamic jurisprudence. He had a comprehensive knowledge of the Qur'an and other classical texts in Arabic and the Islamic sciences. He was a prolific writer and author of over 450 works. He was known as a reformer and innovator of Islamic society and was the first head of state to free Christians and Jews from taxation.




Manaqib Syekh Samman Pdf Download tersadz

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