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Turning Point

Physical Therapy

Here to guide you during the turning point of your performance, career, and life.

Turning Point Physical Therapy is a mobile physical therapy clinic that will come to a location convenient for you. You can expect a plan of care that is specific to you and your goals with one-on-one appointments.


Dr. Emily Love

Dr. Emily Love is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist in physical therapy and specializes in dance medicine.

How Can We Help

What Can We Help You With?



Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for orthopedic conditions including: joint sprains, muscle strains, joint pain, tendonitis, post-operative rehab, dance rehab, and more



Movement screenings and strength training that is specific to each person and his or her goals



Treatment and prevention of common dance injuries such as snapping hip syndrome, hip impingement, ankle impingement, ankle/foot tendinitis, etc. as well as pre-season dance screenings and pointe readiness



Education and exercise in a group setting focusing on strength and conditioning

Our Services

Our Services
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Strength.Performance Training
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Physical Therapy

An evaluation and treatment of symptoms using manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and patient education

Performance Training

Strength training that is designed specifically for your individual goals and performance



Physical therapy and strength training appointments available online via telehealth

Weekend Workshop

Schedule a weekend workshop for a group of people to learn and work on a specific topic with education and exercises


"Being a professional ballet dancer and having a PT that has a dance background is incredible. Dr. Emily Love makes you feel so comfortable and really personalizes your recovery plan. I am a much stronger and smarter dancer because of her."

— Amy, Principal Dancer

Oklahoma City Ballet


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